Segenius Consulting:

Strategic Management

Define strategy. Identify key business and industry drivers. Set change guidelines. Assess market positioning and potential alliances. Evaluate corporate, legal and fiscal structure. Determine Key Performance Indicators, evaluate and automate reporting

Financial Management
Set up financial governance. Organize the accounting, budgeting and control functions. Plan the external services relations
Operations Management

Benchmark, reengineer and automate client/business/technical processes. Set-up balanced scorecard. Control supply chain analytical efficiency. Optimize supplier and customers relations. Manage working capital requirement

Board Consulting

The presence of a strong, independent and effective board is increasingly critical to the success of every organization. We analyze authority, decision-making and compliance systems and provide independent advice to large groups and companies in all areas of corporate strategy, board effectiveness, governance and performance. In addition, with our in-depth sectorial experience, specialist knowledge and key relationships, we are able to make a significant difference to our clients’ success.